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Uplift. Inspire. Include.

I’m Tina Burke, an artist and a mum to three boys. My youngest has Down Syndrome, ASD, hearing impairment and is non-verbal.
It is not until you have a child, or love a child, who is not “typical” that you realize how little they are included in kids design and illustrations. I’d love to see a day where all our kids feel 100% accepted in society and seen as part of the fabric of daily life. And if that's the goal, I wanted to contribute to it here. 

Behind the emoji designs.

I loved the squinty smiling emoji 😊 when it first appeared on my iPhone, because it reminded me of my little one’s smile. “If only the eyes were slightly more slanted …” I thought. The seed of the idea was firmly planted - I wanted to design my own version in which I aimed to capture the classic almond, crescent-moon shaped smiling eyes that set our kids apart.

My background.

I'm an author/illustrator of children's books, and previously an animator for the Disney Studios. I now create art and entertainment for kids and their families.

Fly Little Bird was the title of my first picture book, published by Penguin Books Australia and Kane Miller US. It was about a little girl who loves and cares for a baby bird until he was ready to take the leap and fly. This sentiment and title also felt perfect for this endeavour.   

Inspired by life. Created with love. 

I'm endlessly inspired by my kids, nature, and little joys in life. I work with pencils and pens, watercolour and inks, as well as computer generated designs. I love making art, and I’m thrilled to finally offer artwork and designs for you here - for kids and adults, for apparel and your home. I hope they bring a spark of joy to your day, as you cheer your own loved ones on - and watch them fly.


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